oh! what!? you better run now!?

let me start by saying that i am definitely NOT a bush fan. i think this blog has quietly made clear where my political views lie. however, i AM an american fan! this is our country and the highest office in the land is that of the presidency. we have ONE president at a time and that office is to be respected. as much as we may not agree- you disrespect my president- you disrespect me AND my country! i’m heated! 

what those laughing citizens don’t understand is that our president elect, as much as i’m happy he will be in office, is only going to be president for 4-8 years. after that, its someone else. if the office, the position, the respect, the grandeur and esteem of the presidency is tarnished by the allowed actions of the disavowed, where will that leave us??
ridiculousness! glad i wasn’t there! i’da thrown a shoe back!!!!
GO BUSH! (disclaimer: until 01.21.09 LOL)