Snow Day!

well… today it’s not snowing but yesterday it was and i was out in it, so it’s only fair that i get a snow day today! hey, the kids were off yesterday! so, i slept in and did regular people things… (yes, sometimes i must leave fantasy land) cooking, cleaning, sorting, folding all the fun :/
the highlight was going through my clothes and giving stuff away! when i switch seasons, i usually find a bunch of clothes i havent seen or thought about for a long time so… why do i need to hold on to them. especially when there is someeone else somewhere that needs them! for anyone that doesnt (but in this green age of recycling how could you not?), what do you do if you don’t give your old clothes away? do you throw them away?
i know there have to be people doing so, because i never see as many people at the goodwill donation place as i do in the mall. did no one learn the one in one out rule??