what i think i’ll get…

so… as i’m telling people about my new blog, they are like “why? for what?”. it was kind of a spur of the moment random decision to start a blog as i was talking to tamecia the other day. but since i’ve been doing this for the past few days, i realize this may be a great tool to hold myself accountable for my 2008 goals. i know i want to put my project out so i figure if i put it out here for the whole world wide web to see, that i have to make it happen, God and the WWW as my witness! 🙂 and by the way i’m writing some new tunes again tonight, more hotness on the way!!
secondly, i am so excited about re-connecting with friends i havent talked to in a while! even if they just read my thoughts, i can feel their energy and know they are thinking about me, as i about them. dont u tell me the internet hinders real relationships!
so… hail to the WWW, you are doing great things in this world! great things!