Not in your Obama shirt!!!

When you are in ur Obama shirt, pin, hat, etc, try to refrain from:
(1) cursing someone out,
(2) getting loud and telling someone you are going to "call thier
(3) getting into a physical altercation,
(4) running to jump in front of me at Starbucks- errrr I mean in front
of "someone" at Starbucks… LOL,
(5) stealing someone else's property,
(6) and all other generally bad social behavior.

It's kinda like when the driver of that Cadillac with the Jesus fish
symbol on the back flips you the bird- just not right!

When a candidate stands for unity, positivity, empowerment, you should
TRY to exemplify those characteristics when representing them. Please!
Do that stuff in your McCain shirt! 🙂

he could be a genious!

i'm realizing that john mccain has a huge disadvantage! he could be
brilliant, insightful, even a genious speaking life changing needed
policy for America BUT the problem is that i and anyone like me will
never hear it! why, you ask? because the lull, tone and phrasing of he
talk is downright soothing! soothing to the point of sleep!
i just listened to a speech he gave on 7-26-08 in Ohio to the AADP on
POTUS08 on XM. WARNING: never listen to a McCain speech while driving!
I almost fell asleep and drove off the road. it's his rhythm or
inflection- something! that perfect quality for a lullaby! now, if
mccain wanted to read me a bedtime story, I would quickly welcome it!
I'll have to save the speeches, however, for when I'm NOT operating
heavy machinery!

Tim, We’ll miss you!

When "Sunday Morning" seemed too dull for my pre-teen eyes, I flipped
to the the hip NBC! It was there I learned my weekly news from a jolly
but fiesty man, named Tim. Although I didnt always understand what he
was talking about, as the years grew on, so did my political
intellect. Tim Russert's Meet the Press, was a far cry from the Sunday
morning news for the laid back retiree. It was in your face and
confrontational- it made what could be mundane- exciting!
Now, as we sit on the eve of Father's Day and the hours following his
death, I honor the new format of journalism that Tim "fathered" to
Sunday morning TV, and I honor the life and legacy he leaves behind- a
desire for truth, the patience and respect to let everyone speak their
side, and the groundedness to share an honest laugh, even with your foe.
Tim Russert, Jr, we will miss you.

It’s Unreal!

I'm watching Obama's speech and reality is slowly setting in- this is
unreal. If nothing else, the hope that comes from this is
overwhelming! Just overwhelming! No more words…