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Demi Lovato Live Walmart Soundcheck 2013 Concert Sneak Peek

Don’t forget to check out Kaisha in Demi’s Walmart Soundcheck for her new album “Demi!”

MTV Video Music Awards 9/5/12 Performance with Demi Lovato

Be Grateful.

Amazing lyrics! I love stumbling across a song I haven’t heard in a while!

God has not promised me sunshine,
that’s not the way it’s going to be;
but a little rain
mixed with God’s own sunshine,
a little pain,
makes me appreciate the good times.

Be grateful.
Be grateful.

God desires to fill your longings,
every pain that you feel,
He feels them, just like you;
but He can’t afford to let you feel only good,
so that you can’t appreciate the good times.

Be grateful.
Be grateful.

Be grateful.
For it will be alright.

(Walter Hawkins)

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See how Demi Lovato and background singer Kaisha Blackstone, help Denise, a winner of the ACUVUE® 1-DAY Contest, take a step closer to making her dream of being a singer real.