Mom… Dad… stop fighting!

does anyone else feel like they are caught in the middle of a horrible squabble between two people you love! no matter Re, Dem or Indie, you have to admit that Obama and Clinton are the most fascinating people in this POTUS 08 race! but all this fighting is putting a strain on my love for them! how can i believe that they truly love and care about me if all they do is fight about what they dont like about each other all day!? will they ever stop fighting. and if not, will this lead to divorce? will the family (democatic party, the country or whoever) ever come back together!? i think we need counseling!! and it doesnt help that “mom’s” husband keeps butting his nose into the conversation! geeze!

Snow Day!

well… today it’s not snowing but yesterday it was and i was out in it, so it’s only fair that i get a snow day today! hey, the kids were off yesterday! so, i slept in and did regular people things… (yes, sometimes i must leave fantasy land) cooking, cleaning, sorting, folding all the fun :/
the highlight was going through my clothes and giving stuff away! when i switch seasons, i usually find a bunch of clothes i havent seen or thought about for a long time so… why do i need to hold on to them. especially when there is someeone else somewhere that needs them! for anyone that doesnt (but in this green age of recycling how could you not?), what do you do if you don’t give your old clothes away? do you throw them away?
i know there have to be people doing so, because i never see as many people at the goodwill donation place as i do in the mall. did no one learn the one in one out rule??

i’m so tired and it feels so good!

i’m so tired today, because i’ve been up since quarter to five. did you know there was a four o clock in the MORNING! that’s amazing right!? 🙂 well, that was to get to work early but that’s not the best part. i didn’t go to bed until a few hours before! UP WRITING! yeah! i’m baaack!
so pardon my not writing today but all my thoughts are in some new music! coming to an ear near you!

Re: The Crying Game

tamecia wrote…
Hmmm….Hilary’s breakdown was a hot topic in my young women’s group last night. There’s multiple reactions to it, but most seemed to agree that it is more acceptable to cry in admitting to being overwhelmed that to get emotional over the issues and the lost potential of the country. And that the question should never have been asked. I haven’t decided yet, but I have always been told about the “One Cry” Rule. You can do it once. Make it good and don’t waste it. After that, you’re a whiner. Suck it up. It could be a different rule for White women. (Surely it is.) I’ve seen women with the privilege (not the guts and the sweaty win) cry, and my reaction is different. Everybody needs a good cry, but timing and location are crucial to what happens after the cry. So, I wonder in my conspiratorial lens…Funny how she lost in Iowa…Polls said she was behind in NH…She cries on camera…Then she wins and one media report says she has is a “Comeback Kid.” (Like it is the last round in a Rocky movie, and not primary number 2.) More women showed up for the primary and she won them the time. Did the women show up for their sister? What difference does crying make and are we getting sucked in to the gender game with it as a political strategy? Let’s see what happens…

kaishaadia wrote…
i have never heard this “one cry rule” but it is hilarious! when i first heard this news story, all i could think about was the great martha stewart in her short lived, but excellent, apprentice stint. the geniuos martha (can u tell i love her!?) said sternly to a candidate, “what are you doing? women in business don’t cry” soon after, her next words were “you’re fired”. LOL. it’s martha stewart so you have to take what she says as gold! come on have you seen her wedding cakes!? she’s obviously perfect! i digress…
so as it pertains to h.r. clinton, being a women in a man’s world, showing “weakness”, as crying is perceived in either sex, is risky! in this instance it worked for her, but boy was that risky. my advice for the furture.. follow tamecia’s one cry rule clinton! you had a one, and boy was it an effective one! now dont let it happen again!!!

what i think i’ll get…

so… as i’m telling people about my new blog, they are like “why? for what?”. it was kind of a spur of the moment random decision to start a blog as i was talking to tamecia the other day. but since i’ve been doing this for the past few days, i realize this may be a great tool to hold myself accountable for my 2008 goals. i know i want to put my project out so i figure if i put it out here for the whole world wide web to see, that i have to make it happen, God and the WWW as my witness! 🙂 and by the way i’m writing some new tunes again tonight, more hotness on the way!!
secondly, i am so excited about re-connecting with friends i havent talked to in a while! even if they just read my thoughts, i can feel their energy and know they are thinking about me, as i about them. dont u tell me the internet hinders real relationships!
so… hail to the WWW, you are doing great things in this world! great things!