“We Like Our Artists Cocky!”: A Midterm Election ReCap

So, yesterday was the 2010 Midterm Election and there has been a lot of media commentary. There has also been a lot of Kaisha commentary via my Twitter page! LOL If you follow me on twitter than you’ve read my rants! Before the election I went on and on about voting, why is was important, what issues were being addressed in the election, how it was our duty to educate ourselves on our candidates and not just go down a party checklist, etc, etc… Well did you do it?? Yes, you! Did you?

Courtesy of Google News

If you are like the majority of the country and even more if you share any of my demographic markers, 18-30, African American, Female, sadly… you probably didn’t!  (Demographics: 2010 vs 2008 from Outside the Beltway.com)

Now really, this election was not that different from past Midterm elections. Midterm elections are the great equalizer and usually whatever power swept two years before, this serves to balance out. But coming off our 2008 voter turnout high…. well…. we had hopes for more! That just didn’t happen.

What do I think of all this? Well I’m glad you asked me! HA! A lot of Pundits said that this election was less about politics and more as a referendum on President Obama’s first two years. So, for the purposes of this blog post, let’s take that position.  Like a lot of things, I’ll compare this election to the music industry.  President Obama has actually achieved a lot of what he promised in his presidency so far, in less than two years. But guess, what? You probably don’t know that… and most of us didn’t! He has a bad habit of NOT patting himself on the back when things go right and when compromises/concessions are made to ensure that useful legislation is pushed through. Now, if President Obama was a top music artist, he wouldn’t always have to pat himself on the back, he would have managers and publicists and fan sites to do all this for him! POINT #1: The President needs a super publicist and a Fan Site! Wait- I think I found one! @QuestLove tweeted a website earlier… (excuse the language!) What the F Has Obama Done So Far? OK, so one down. Now if we can just get the rest of his “team” up and promoting!?! Can we get a bigger promo budget in the stimulus package, please?? LOL

Courtesy of Politifact.com

Now… the other thing is this. Even if you have a team: the artists that we LOVE, and even those that we HATE to LOVE, have a little bit of bravado… super swag… dare I say- cockiness that draws us to them. Let’s think of particular artists that so many people were down on in the past and are now enamored with.  Even if you didn’t like some of the things they did or said, there is no denying the music they create- some borderline genius! And what adds to that artistry as a whole, is that artsy… dare I say… cockiness that just draws you in! You love them, you hate to love them, regardless, you’re gonna end up buying the album or nodding your head to one of their tunes.  So Point #2: We like our artists cocky!

Dear President Obama, please turn your pre-election super swag back on, pat your self on the back, pop your collar (HAHA! S/O to @Onitsha) and wear a sandwich board of your accomplishments over your suit daily! You’ve earned it!  No one knew that most of them would actually have there taxes cut. No one knew that the health care plan wasn’t cutting current Medicare funding but just eliminating some of the extra future spending the previous administration had built in. No one realized that the majority of jobs were lost before you were even sworn in and you were playing clean-up. The people need to know… and I really think that voting would have gone more of the way that you would have wanted, had you done so.

Let’s Recap: Publicist. Fan Site. Sandwich board. Get Cocky! Let’s Go! LOL