Video: An Awesome Time Racing for the Cure!

So, this Mother’s Day I participated in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K in Philly! It was super early in the morning (I actually finished and still made it to church) but it was an experience like none other!  Being with thousands and thousands of people with the same goal, to find a cure for one of the diseases that effects so many of us, personally or through a friend or loved one, was amazing! I’ve done these races in the past in Baltimore, but this is the biggest Susan G Komen affiliate and the numbers of participants is staggering! I decided last minute, so I didn’t get a chance to pull a team together, but even “by yourself” you are definitely not alone.  I met so many wonderful people throughout the day, while parking, taking the shuttle, signing up, during the race, and celebrating together after!

I encourage everyone reading this to get involved in your area, in the 1 Mile Fun Walk, the 5K walk or Run or the 3 Day (which I’m seriously considering participating in this year)! Each event, I race in honor of my Aunt who passed away from breast cancer at a very young age. She was on of the coolest people you’d ever meet and in the short time I got to spend with her on this earth, she helped shaped my views of music, fun, men, style and womanhood with a perspective that was totally fresh!

Let’s work to find an end to this disease that is taking far too many of our mothers, aunts, sisters, friends and daughters.
Race for the Cure!

(I put together a video of my race day footage! Enjoy! 🙂 )


Gotta Remember to DVR C-SPAN! *straight face*

My brother sent me these videos because I guess I somehow failed to remember to DVR CSPAN on a Saturday night! LOL Seth Meyers KILLED it and President Obama’s tounge-in-cheek witty humour was HILARIOUS! Enjoy! [Read more…]

Up In the Air Tour Performance Video! FINALLY!

Happy November!!!! I finally got a chance to sit still for more than 30 minutes and upload some video performances from the Up in the Air Tour! These are the awesome bands that I had the opportunity to share the stage with each and every night! This footage is our last night in Milwaukee, Wi! Enjoy!!!!






Did You Catch me on Ellen?? :)

Did you catch me on Ellen today with Mike Posner?? What’s that? You say you did but you want to watch it over and over again?? AAAaaaawww! How sweet! Who am I to stop you! Here it is! 🙂

Germany, it was a pleasure!

Sorry guys, I didn’t get any pics in London, we were in and out so quickly! Beautiful weather while we were there though (which is ODD since EVERYTIME I’ve been to London it usually rains my entire trip!)  Here’s some cloudy footage from Germany (now you can say you’ve seen Berlin… by car… at 45mph…) …and look at that sold out 10,000 crowd for our Stars for Free Radio Festival! We had a ball!! Thanks Deutschland!