A little live MP for ya :)

Here’s some footage I found of us doing Cooler Than Me last night in London with Mike Posner! (Excuse his French, not for little ears, LOL) It’s dark but you can see me (…and my expanding hair! Pressed natural hair + Hot humid club air = 5 year old Rudy Huxtable hair!)
I’m posting from my phone so I hope this works… Enjoy!


Ok, really! These ladies are singing!!!! You gotta go to like the HALFWAY point though so you can hear but they betta rock! I recorded this on my phone at the local town’s Summer Festival… I love this kind of stuff!  Am I corny?? Aww well!


Prime Time vs Nephew Tommy Uncut- I Love this!

Y’all please check out this HILARIOUS video short!

Why is Deion a comedian?!? Excellently done!! (and I’m not just saying that because the director also happens to be my cousin! LOL) Really, if you need a DOPE digital Media Strategist, Video dude, etc, etc, hit him up! @djjudah Tell him Kaisha sent you! 🙂

Jimmy Fallon with Mike Posner- We had TOO Much Fun!

This was probably one of THEE most fun times I’ve ever had while taping a TV show! How hilarious is Will Farrell!? Go the the NBC.com site to see the WHOLE episode but meanwhile…. 🙂 Check this clip out right here of me singing with Mike Posner, “Cooler Than Me!” Enjoy!